The beauty that surrounds me each and every day here in Bali astounds me, but like a lot us I don’t always notice it.

The hustle and bustle of a busy life blinds me, that I don’t always notice the subtle beauty of what is around me.

Yesterday afternoon whilst admiring a beautiful sunset I looked over my balcony into the alang-alang field behind our house, this field at the moment is lusciously green due to the rains the past few days and it is surrounded by large banana trees. Now reading this your mind would take to the beauty of that field immediately however right below my balcony, the view wasn’t so beautiful. The banana trees had been chopped down, left to rot. Bits of rubble and rubbish strewn across a pile of dirt lay exposed. However in amongst all that was one lone frangipani tree with it’s single branch of blooms. It stood stoic and strong between the fallen decaying banana trees. It’s blooms resplendent shades of yellow and white. Looking down there my mind imagined the alluring scent from those flowers and it made me feel at peace.

Right then this one tree, with it’s simple beauty made me stop. It stilled the whirring in my mind. It made me breathe. But most of all, it made me see the rest of my garden as a place of serenity, joy and tranquility. The garden became a simile to my life. Our lives have become so busy these days, surrounded by the noise and clutter of work, schedules, meetings and the general hum drum of life that we forget to see the such simple beauties in our own homes, in our lives.

Later that evening, I read a beautiful post on Facebook by a dear friend about is evening walks in the Brisbane Botantical Gardens and how each evening had become like the others until that day…

“I walk there often and sometimes one walk is like the one before and the one before that. So I thought, why is that? Maybe because I haven’t taken the time to take more notice of what is around me or maybe I just haven’t been looking in the right places”

So my friends, for a minute in your life, stop, and admire the beauty around you – the blueness of the sky, the colour of the flowers, the smile of your child or simply when you look in the mirror and see yourself and enjoy the beauty of what life has to offer you.





Photographic credit to Steve Mathieson


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